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...we can provide you with assistance in finding your lost pension benefit.
Here is what one participant who used our service had to say...
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From: janet volkman
Sent: Thursday, April 22, 2010 11:11 AM
Subject: Re: Pension Search
Hello, I wanted to thank you for your help in finding my pension, In fact it ended up being with Raytheon after all, and I am now in the process of getting the final paperwork done. You were enormously helpful, since I had no clue how to go about finding it. The certified letters did the trick. I know you didn't have to do anything for me, so I appreciate what you did all the more.
Best wishes,
Janet Volkman

Pension Search Tips

Because we have experienced a significant increase in the volume of requests for pension search assistance, and due to a small but significant number of frivolous requests, we are implementing a "handling charge" to defray our costs and stem abuse. 

Receive pension search assistance as follows:

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. Click the "Submit Form" button
  3. Print the "Form Confirmation" page ("right click" the form, and select "print")
  4. Enclose $30 (US) - payable to PBVS
  5. Mail the "Form Confirmation" and $30 (US) to:
1732 Saunders Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55116
Attn: Search Assistance

Pension Search Assistance Form

First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code
Preferred method of contact Regular Mail
Name of Employer

Choose from the list:

Or enter your own:

Last known address of Employer
Name of Pension Plan
Last known address of Plan Administrator
Other relevant information (e.g. known mergers)

By completing and submitting this Search Form, printing the Form Confirmation page, and sending it along with a $30 (US) "handling charge", we will perform a search according to our usual procedures which includes cross referencing databases with an internet search and a review of our prior search requests.  Our results will usually include the probable Plan Sponsor's name, address, and telephone number.  Sometimes, our search service may be unproductive, and may result in no useful information to you.  In general, we provide no warranties or guarantees.  Specifically, we make NO guarantees that (1) We will find your Plan Sponsor or (2) That you are entitled to any pension.  By pressing "Submit Form", you agree to the above.

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